What we do


OutCrop – easy to use image editing and special effects for digital photography

OUTcrop, our image editing/effects software, automatically selects and crops the image foreground from a photograph. Users crop images within their photos and the photos of their friends and create composite pictures, bringing the hobby of scrap-booking to the digital age. OUTCrop provides stunning visual effects only available through our software solutions. Outcrop enables people to get creative with their photographs without the cost or training of learning of graphics packages like Adobe Photoshop.

How OUTcrop works

  • Users chose an image (such as the above left image) from their photo album, upload an image or drag and drop it onto the application from their desktop.
  • OUTCrop automatically segments the subject from the background (above right image).
  • Easy-to-use tools enable editing, resizing, combining clipped objects or adding a background.
  • Users can upload their creative work directly to Facebook status updates, share via email or mobile applications.