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Results from Eyegorithm project presented at IPMU

Results from Eyegorithm Project discussed at the 15th International Conference on Information Processing and Management of Uncertainty in Knowledge Based Systems, Montpellier France. Barghout, Lauren. “Visual Taxometric Approach to Image Segmentation Using Fuzzy-Spatial Taxon Cut Yields Contextually Relevant Regions.” Information

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Dr. Barghout joins BISC at U.C. Berkeley

Dr. Barghout joins the Berkeley Initiative for Soft Computing, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of California at Berkeley as a Visiting Scholar.

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Eyegorithm Inc becomes the Eyegorithm Project.

In summer of 2013, Eyegorithm Inc became the Eyegorithm project. The cutting edge segmentation, image annotation technology and hyperimage layers, provided Eyegorithm team members with a rich stepping stone for their future ventures. The ideas developed by Eyegorithm currently serve

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Eyegorithm presents at the Annual VSS conference

Lauren Barghout at VSS, Vision Science Society

May 9th, 2013 – At the annual VSS meeting in Naples Florida, Eyegorithm CEO, Dr. Lauren Barghout presented “Real-world scene perception and perceptual organization: Lessons from Computer vision”. The presentation covered the human vision implications of the technology that Eyegorithm

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What images tell us

An image may be worth a 1000 words but when the relevant content in an image is not exposed, the image cannot be found in a search. Once you know the relevant elements in a picture you can differentiate between

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Eyegorithm discussed at ACM

Lauren Barghout interviewed by Tom Geller for Communications of ACM. Geller, Tom. “Seeing is not enough.” Communications of the ACM 54.10 (2011): 15-16.

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